The art of health, vitality & joy

Life is a journey to wholeness.  A movement of consciousness.

I like seeing life as a dance where we explore the world around us and the world within us. We are privileged to live at a time when there is so much wisdom available and we can engage in this dance of life to invite vitality, presence, health and joy.P1000473

I want to support you in your journey offering you Yoga, Body Work and Movement Meditation

I have developped my knowledge and skills over the past 20 years. I have been supported by many teachers, colleagues, experiences, travels, friends, family, people, places, books, meditation… and supported by nature, the cosmos, the trust in something perhaps I cannot touch but nevertheless permeates life.  I have transformed my life and help many others to grow.

InaluMy work is an invitation  to care for your body, your mind and ultimately  your spirit.

An invitation to use your body and mind with presence,  to see ourselves aligned with our intentions, aspirations and dreams for this life.

Namaste, Inalu